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CT Logistics: Top 100 3PL Provider

InBound Logistics
July 7, 2015


InBound Logistics awards CT Logistics, Inc
Top 100 3PL Provider for 2015


This is the 13th consecutive year InBound Logistics has awarded CT Logistics, Inc this award.

Implementing the best 3PL Technology helps large companies expand markets, and gives small companies level the playing field with larger competitors.

Best-in-class 3PL also helps today's business logistic's managers boost supply chain performance and client service while cutting overall logistics costs.

Inbound Logistics editors selected CT Logistics, Inc for our "consistent ability to deliver innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence for companies large and small".


"World-class logistics performance is crucial for companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to SMBs.

Given the scope and scale of that challenge, IL editors recognize that CT Logistics provides the kinds of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve the tactical logistics issues of serving customers better, faster, and more efficiently.

CT Logistics is responsive, and continues to anticipate evolving needs by also offering the strategic solutions required to drive business process improvement and change for customers.

For those reasons, Inbound Logistics editors are proud to recognize CT Logistics as one of our 2015 Top 100 3PLs."

-Felecia Stratton, Editor for Inbound Logistics