Freight Bill Audit

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Freight Bill Auditing Solutions:
CT Logistics will ensure each of your shipments and all charges are audited.


CT Logistics will provide you with:

  • A Complete Outsourced Solution: Customized client specific freight bill audits performed with CT's FreitRater® software and monitored by CT's auditing experts.
  • CT Web Tools: Cutting-edge web tools that allow secure internet access to current and historical freight bill data, resolution, reporting, processing data and image retrieval.  Generate your own customized reports: Audit savings reports and management reports to fit your needs. Choose from standard reports, or produce ad hoc reports from our proprietary FreitWriter®/PC report generator.
  • Real-Time, 24/7, Freight Payment Inquiry: Check the in-house status of your freight bill processing and payment. Inquiries are listed by check or B/L number.


Auditing your freight bills can transform your logistics management and back-office operations while having a direct effect on your bottom line.

Freight bills, domestic or international, can be complex with a range of diverse parameters:

  • International Currency exchange rates
  • Fuel surcharges
  • War Risk adjustments
  • Security Fees
  • International Measurement Units
  • INCO Terms
  • Varying Cube / Dimensional factors
  • Port Congestion Fees
  • Local Taxes
  • Overseas Demurrage / Detention
  • Varying rating structures
  • Export/Import Licensing


Outsourcing your Freight Bill Auditing and Payment will uncover:

  • Rating Errors
  • Duplicate Billings
  • Duplicate Shipments
  • Additional Line Items
  • Duplicate Supplementary Items
  • Invoices for shipments not shipped/executed
  • Unapproved Demurrage / Detention
  • Currency Uplifting

Typically, clients save approximately 4% to 10% of their annual transportation and logistics expenditure.


Outsourced freight bill auditing benefits also include:

  • Electronic billing receipt and carrier payment in all Worldwide / International currencies
  • Online facility for carrier payment inquiries
  • Customized technology, reporting and processes


CT Logistics’ FreitRater® software system with, OCR transaction technology, processes, rates, validates and pays all freight invoices.


Our Enterprise

Commercial Traffic was founded in 1923 and serviced clients with personalized audit and payment of their freight bills. It was the start of CT Logistics.

CT Logistics' Global Freight Audit unit, based in Birmingham UK, provides a wide range of global service offerings.

Commercial Transportation Management Services provide a complete 3PL product delivery system based on procurement services and management of a national contracting system.

Commercial Transportation Services provides freight rating, freight payment, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting software.