Pre Audit

Pre-Audits Improve Cash Flow & Reduce Freight Payables
Freight Payment Pre Audit
Pre Audit Improves Cash Flow & Reduces Freight Payables

With AuditPay®, our team of account professionals works closely with you, using your freight invoices and bills of lading, while incorporating your company's specific requirements to ensure proper pre-audit processing and freight payment. The service delivers management information, through WebTools, for effective cost containment and planning, as well as real-time client service. And when paired with the resources of FreitRater®, AuditPay® can provide your company with an average ROI of more than 10 times your service fees.

CT Logistics' freight payment service consist of multiple levels of combined services, including:

  • Freight bill pre-auditing
  • Visibility of all process stages
  • Carrier "closed-loop" client service
  • Collaborative exception management portal
  • Spend analysis and management reporting
  • Comprehensive data and image retention

CT's freight payment services derive cost center allocations from data elements down to the SKU level.
Our processing software can handle the most complex and sophisticated business practices and coding methodologies.
Invoices that need client approval or carrier clarification are addressed in real-time on CT's WebTools 24/7.

CT Logistics is SOC II and ISO 9001:2015 certified.