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CT Logistics is a proud member of NITL

The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) was established in 1907 to represent shippers in their dealings with various regulatory bodies.

The League has a proud tradition of being the “Voice of the Shipper.”

Recognizing the changes brought about by deregulation and the growth of the global economy, in 2002, the membership adopted Vision 2020, a sweeping proposal to change the structure of the League. Now all companies involved in freight transportation are eligible for full, voting membership in the League.
The roles of carriers, shippers and intermediaries are increasingly blurred and intertwined, so the League membership has been expanded to allow for more cooperative efforts, because:


Through the promotion of a safe, efficient freight transportation industry, the needs of shippers, and the entire economy, are best met.


The League has long been recognized as a leader in developing and formulating freight policies over all transportation modes in the United States.

Both domestically and internationally, NITL is respected and is looked to as a reliable and credible resource in understanding how new initiatives will impact the freight industry.

Through NITL’s standing committees and Board of Directors, members are the driving forces in shaping freight transportation policy today and will continue to do so well into tomorrow.