Global 3PL Service Provider

Established In 1923, CT Logistics is one of the largest Global 3PL Service Providers of freight related Post Audit, Pre-Audit, Business Intelligence, Transportation Management and Consulting. CT Logistics provides more than 100 years of experience with comprehensive Supply Chain Accounting and Business Intelligence Solutions tailored to meet your company’s unique needs.

Our status as an experienced 3PL Provider of Freight Bill Audit and Payment and Transportation Management Services provides you the confidence you need to place your trust in us. It is our desire to assist you in managing your transportation spend and data so you can focus on what matters most, which is efficiently and effectively running your business.

From small firms to Fortune 100 corporations, businesses around the world have trusted CT Logistics as a 3PL Service Provider to assist them in making solid informed decisions regarding their Freight Bill Audit and Payment challenges. Our team of professionals has been instrumental in assisting clients by utilizing our expertise and technology to maximize their ROI and provide the flexibility they need to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Freight Bill Audit and Payment

CT Logistics AuditPay®, our Freight Bill Audit and Freight Bill Payment service, is an easy-to-use and intuitive method to help you monitor and control your company's transportation spend.

Our team of account professionals works closely with you, using your freight invoices and bills of lading, while incorporating your company's specific requirements to ensure proper audit processing and freight payment. 
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Post Audit Services

Nearly one out of every five freight bills or vendor invoices may be wrong. That’s because industry deregulation has made rating bills extremely complicated. And with carrier bankruptcies and changing discount rates, it’s important to have your bills audited regularly, whether it’s monthly or quarterly.

Your CT Logistics team is nearly flawless in execution when you provide bills to us before the 180-day statute of limitations is up. Because of our due diligence, our post audit services have uncovered more than $35 million in errors annually for our clients. 
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Shipper Freight Bill Audit Software

CT Logistics designed the most comprehensive Freight Bill Auditing Software, for audit, payment, and management reporting specifically for freight. It is your in-house system for processing rate-based transportation management transactions.

As the industries most advanced rating and freight bill processing system our unique software can be also used for third-party audit and payment services that annually process freight bill transactions. FreitRater® will increase your freight management controls. 
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Professional Services

CT Logistics created the Professional Services Group to meet the needs of our clients, and their business requirements to continually recognize additional value and innovation from their existing vendor partners.

Our Professional Services Group addresses many of these needs and provides clients with a suite of services that they can easily be use to identify and leverage additional value from our relationship. Our logistics experts are here to assist in your cost reduction initiatives. 
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