Environmental Responsibility

CT Logistics is committed to environmental sustainability

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Our Policy

Creating a clean and sustainable environment for future generations is important to our staff, to our communities, and to our world. Our ongoing corporate commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by implementing sustainability practices in our work practices, and by our dedication to good corporate citizenship. To that end, we have developed a Sustainability Program with specific actions and goals to reduce our environmental footprint.


Our Environmental Commitments

  • At least 40% of our 6 acre corporate campus will remain undeveloped and wooded
  • All cardboard and paper will be recycled
  • All copier and printer toner or ink cartridges will be recycled
  • All old, broken or technologically outdated electronic equipment will be recycled, disposed of safely or re-purposed
  • Telecommunication options for client and vendor interactions will be explored first, instead of travel.
  • All facility lighting will utilize LED lamps/bulbs for electrical efficiency
  • Intelligent thermostats will be utilized for all buildings, incorporating off-hour energy conservation


wooded area
At least 40% of our 6 acre corporate campus will remain wooded