Professional Services
Logistics Experts to Assist in Cost Reduction Initiatives
Rate Negotiations
Leverage Our Benchmarking Data to Improve Your Bottom Line
Shipping Co-op
Premium Discounts and Lower LTL Costs with Pooled Buying Program
Freight Payment
Pre-Audits Improve Cash Flow & Reduce Freight Payables
Post Audit
Always a Refund from our "No Cure - No Cost" Plan
Parcel Audits
Streamlined, Efficient Systems maximize ROI and Data for Reporting
Most Experienced FBAP
CT is the most experienced freight payment company.
Team Approach
Each one of our clients has a personal team for their account
Delivery Model
Delivery Model enables strategic innovation in the form of increased cost savings and speed to ROI
User Friendly, Fast Answers to your Immediate Needs
Business Intelligence
Freight Payment Business Intelligent Reports that are graphic and actionable
Shipper and Carrier Software
Enterprise class software to centralize functions and service
Multiple languages support
We Employ Resources That Speak Your Language
Multiple Currencies Support
We can Audit, Validate and Pay in all Native and Local Currencies
Global Locations
Our International Offices Ensure Localized Geographical Expertise