Shipper Rating and Routing

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Enterprise class global rate management and audit software

Rating and Routing software
Rating and Routing
  • Capitalize on current technology
  • Save time and effort
  • Accurately invoice
  • Provide maximum flexibility of rate structures
  • Provide data for rate analysis & reviews

FreitRater® Freight Rating and Routing Software for Shippers

Shipping and Carrier Selection

Is your company having problems with inaccurate rates appearing on freight bills because existing systems can't handle complex ratings or there's inaccurate rate information entered or stored in the system?

FreitRater® - our comprehensive freight bill audit, payment and management reporting system designed specifically for freight shippers or consignees - is your in-house system for processing rate-based transportation management transactions virtually error free. As the industries most advanced rating and freight bill processing system this proprietary software can be also used for third-party audit and payment services that annually process freight bill transactions. It will also give you the necessary freight management controls needed in today's competitive environment.


FreitRater® Freight Rating and Routing Software delivers:global routing

  • Better understanding of your overall freight spend
  • Reduction in overall freight costs
  • Elimination of manual processes saving time and errors
  • Critical data needed to run your organization
  • More accurate accrual balances


With FreitRater®, your company will see a substantial ROI by recouping the initial software investment typically within a two-to-three month period. 

FreitRater® for Shippers is:

  • Accurate:   Determines precise transportation rates both for pre-shipment information and post-shipment audit. It also checks for duplicate billings and authorized payments
  • Fast:   Quickly and accurately calculates any freight cost. Its potentially vast database enables a precise review of an unlimited number of carriers, determining the most cost-effective transportation methods
  • Easy-To-Use:   To increase data entry accuracy, the screens are designed around common transportation methods. Rate maintenance applications allow you to enter rates as published. The program also imports your rates from carriers or other systems
  • Flexible:   Provides the online ability to enter or import customized or negotiated rates as they are determined. You can also integrate this shipping software with a range of logistics management operations and other supply-chain/decision-support systems
  • Analytical:   Features a prerequisite for accurate analysis of freight bill processing, and provides data on rate profiles for cost reduction efforts
  • Report Friendly:   The program's Management Option provides data elements that fit nearly any requirement. You can use these data elements to generate ad hoc reports


Full Software Integration:

FreitRater® can be used as a stand-alone application, or it easily integrates into a broad range of supply-chain management systems, including many existing applications:

  • Distribution management
  • Order handling
  • Inbound transportation
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Truck fleet management
  • Warehousing management


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  • CT Hosts Your Software
  • CT Installs All Software Releases & Upgrades
  • Exclusive Platform for Your Personnel
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