Freight Claims Management

Freight Claims Management
Freight Claims Management

By providing you with an end-to-end solution for service recovery of Loss and Damage (L&D) claims, CT Logistics streamlines the labor-intensive process and reduces your internal costs.

By integrating your business processes along with CT's technology and expertise, you can feel confident that you’re recovering maximum, hard-dollar claim amounts from your carriers.

CT Logistics uses a Web-based platform for the management of your Over, Short & Damage (OS&D) cargo claims. Featuring rich navigational functions, all required core fields to capture your operating data and multiple work management features; our freight claims management solution is an industry best.


CT's Freight Claim Management platform includes:

  • Software for claims management
  • Robust reporting tool
  • Analysis tools
  • Data management
  • Data storing

Our comprehensive application will fit any company’s transportation department needs.


Our software for Freight Claims is:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Improves your control over claim information
  • Reduces claim processing needs
  • Brings new efficiency to your cargo claim management process.

CT Logistics' freight claim management platform is secure on our in-house server platform for the safety and security of your data.


Software Features:

  • Web-based freight claims application generates an industry-accepted form for all shipping modes.
  • System or User assigned claim number that keeps a complete history of all the claim records, transactions, and carrier correspondence.
  • Claims data is stored in a relational database which helps you see emerging trends to take appropriate action quickly.
  • Easy claims data retrieval and repository for updating with carrier communications on claim acknowledgement, payment, rejection and declination.
  • Powerful notes to categorize and filter by claim type, carrier and filing date. Provides detailed management reports for carrier performance reviews.
  • Accounts Receivable update summary report by carrier includes write-off calculations and reports with enhanced accounts receivable documentation and reports.