Freight Rating & Routing

Freight Rating and Routing
FreitWeb® LCR
  • A web-based solution for route management
  • "Rate Shop" your carriers for the least cost rated carrier
  • Choose the "best fit" carrier to route your shipment based upon service time, cost or both
  • Allow your internal personnel as well external vendors and suppliers to use FreitWeb® LCR

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FreitWeb® LCR (Least Cost Routing) can assist in determining the best fit carrier as well as best fit mode as it allows for seamless “shopping” between modes of transportation.

FreitWeb LCR Rating and Routing Update

  • For external vendor access CT is able to modify the user interface to only show the preferred carrier for the vendor to route the shipment with while omitting the actual cost information.
  • Users simply enter the key shipment characteristics into the FreitWeb® LCR portal and the software system returns to the user all carriers who have rates in that lane, as well as the applicable service time information when available. 
  • FreitWeb® LCR is fully integrated with CT's shipping co-op program, TranSaver®


For execution level activity, FreitWeb® LCR also has the ability for users to populate and print a standardized bill of lading.