Shipping Co-op

Shipping Co-op
CT TranSaver® Program

CT TranSaver® is a co-op program designed to let small and medium-sized shippers take advantage of the same competitive motor carrier pricing larger shippers receive.

Similar to group buying programs that allow small stores to pool their orders into one large order, TranSaver® allows your company to benefit from discounted volume pricing.

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As a TranSaver® participant, you give negotiating authority to CT Logistics to:

  • Pool All Participating Shippers Freight, Both Outbound and Inbound
  • Invite Motor and Air Carriers to Submit Pricing
  • Apply This Pricing Equally to the Entire Group

To participate in this exclusive discount carrier program, send our TranSaver® team a selection of your freight bills for a free savings comparison. If you're already a CT Logistics client, we can use your in-house freight bills. We then compare the charges you've paid to TranSaver® member charges and prepare a report.

CT TranSaver® has saved our clients over 2 billion dollars in the last 30 years!

Saving with TranSaver®

TranSaver® carriers can offer your company substantial competitive discounts off the same base rates, with an average discount on prepaid outbound shipments of up to 58% for interstate, and 56% for intrastate. In addition, most TranSaver® carriers have agreed to waive certain accessorial charges. You'll find that you can recover the TranSaver® monthly participation fee after only a few shipments.


TranSaver® Dynamic Routing Guide

Our team also provides a point-specific Dynamic Routing Guide for each of your locations, listing all the states covered by TranSaver® carriers that serve particular shipping points. Although our Routing Guide tells your shipping personnel which carriers serve which state, it must be used in conjunction with the carriers' points list to ensure your carrier serves the specific point to which a shipment is destined. We encourage you to use the Routing Guide in your Purchasing Department, remembering that it should be used with a carriers' points list to assure maximum freight savings from TranSaver®.


More Than Just Administrators

Our TranSaver® team not only administrates the program, we act as a liaison between shipper and carrier, as well as arbitrator of in case of disputes. We also provide you with reports to help track the efficiency of your company's and carriers' participation. And we'll utilize our partnerships and resources to ensure that there's an equitable settlement if your company and a carrier are unable to settle issues locally.