Transportation Management System

CT Transportation Management System
A web-based Transportation Management System
  • Plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of your goods by rate shopping your carriers for the least cost rated carrier
  • Choose the carrier with the best fit to route your shipment based upon service time and/or cost
  • Ability to allow your external vendors and suppliers to use our TMS
  • LTL/Parcel and Full TL Platform Capabilities
  • BOL Generation
  • One-Touch Tendering
  • Parcel Execution and Label Creation
  • Carrier Performance Dashboards

SaaS-based Transportation Management System

Leverage APIs and technology to efficiently work as an extension to your team

If your company needs to ship, move, and receive goods on a regular basis, whether your company is a Manufacturer, Distributor, Ecommerce company, Retail business, or you provide logistics services, such as third-party and fourth-party logistics (3PL and 4PL) companies and logistics service providers (LSPs), our transportation management system (TMS) is for you.

Our Transportation Management System is a logistics platform that uses technology to help you plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and making sure the shipment is compliant and proper documentation is available. 

Sometimes known as a transportation management solution or transportation management software, a TMS provides visibility into day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information and documentation, and ensuring the timely delivery of freight and goods. Our transportation management system streamlines the shipping process and makes it easier for you to manage and optimize your transportation operations, whether they are by land, air, or sea.

Our CT TMS provides shipment planning, day-to-day execution with event tracking, spot quote management, and carrier performance reporting and analytics to boost your bottom line. With configurable supplier access as well as numerous electronic interface options it is very flexible.

Transportation Management System

  • For external vendor access, CT is able to modify the user interface to only show the preferred carrier for the vendor to route the shipment with while omitting the actual cost information.
  • Users simply enter the key shipment characteristics into the CT TMS portal and the software system returns to the user all carriers who have rates in that lane, as well as the applicable service time information.
  • CT TMS is fully integrated with our Shipping Co-op program, TranSaver®

CT TMS (Transportation Management System) can assist in determining the best fit carrier with "seamless shopping".

CT's Transportation Management System plays a central role for your team to provide supply chain planning, day-to-day execution, strategic recommendations, and custom solutions. It's flexible to fit your organization’s needs and boost your bottom line.

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