Professional Services

Logistics Experts to Assist in Cost Reduction Initiatives
Professional Services
Logistics Experts to Assist in Cost Reduction Initiatives

The creation of CT’s Professional Services Group was prompted by the needs of our clients and their business requirements to continually recognize additional value and innovation from their existing vendor partners.

To that end CT has created this Professional Services Group to address many of these needs and to provide clients with a suite of services that they can easily identify with and leverage to recognize additional value from our relationship.

CT Logistics has provided consulting services focused on applying our cost savings approach to client challenges since our founding in 1923.

Some items which Professional Services can facilitate or customize for your specific needs:

  • Extensive data modeling and analytical capabilities - determine optimal spend and contract optimization strategies prior to a bid process
  • Warehouse Relocation - model the impact of volume shifts from one warehouse or distribution center to another utilizing exact shipping costs and data
  • Shipment Consolidation Services - CT applies in-house developed problem solving models and algorithms to client order data to develop an optimized shipment execution plan by aggregating small orders into multi-stop truckloads to drastically reduce shipping costs and promote process efficiencies
  • Carrier Pricing Impact Analysis - leverage CT’s team to model carrier pricing changes with actual historical spend demographics and to analyze in process RFP results and price proposals
  • Benchmark Analysis - identify the market competitiveness of current carrier pricing and contracts vs. companies of a similar spend level
  • Network Optimization - determine the optimal number and location of warehouses to maximum costs savings and improve on customer services and lead time
  • Premium Freight - CT managed KPI’s and strategies to effectively track and manage premium freight utilization
  • Routing Guide - Intuitive CT-developed routing programs to effectively communicate to all parties the correct carrier to utilize and to identify instances where this is not happening along with the added cost of non-compliance to drive metrics and a vendor chargeback process


Our Professional Services Team specializes in supporting clients with unique requirements, such as:

  • Analytical studies to model historical spend and shipment information with different carriers, pricing and service levels for cost comparison and analysis
  • Implement a routing guide compliance program for core carrier utilization
  • Perform studies to benchmark your logistics spend for trend analysis and market competitiveness

CT's professional services team generates highly personalized and ROI driven studies for your logistics needs.