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WebTools Delivers 24/7
  • real-time data
  • analytics
  • business intelligence
  • communication
  • a collaborative portal for all of your needs

Save time, increases visibility with vendors and resolve issues quickly

CT Logistics Web Tools include:

  • Web Resolution 
    An in-process component of CT’s automated audit process that allows CT, clients and carriers to collaborate online to resolve freight bill processing issues and business rules concerns.
  • Data Grabber 
    A secured query report generator and ad hoc reporting tool that allows clients secured access to freight invoice details. Generate data fields (over 200 possible) and view all in process request for payments.
  • Image Archive 
    Allows secured access to historic data as well as the images for processed paper freight bills.
  • Dashboard Tools 
    Optional Dashboard based reporting of your key metrics.
  • Loss and Damage Claims 
    Allows the submittal of L&D claims as well as reporting on open and in process claims.
  • Mass Re-Rate 
    Optional services that allows for the mass re-rating of transactions selected from history.
  • Rate Grabber 
    Ad hoc spreadsheet or report generator allowing the clients access to all rate files.
  • Re-Rate 
    Optional service that allows for the re-rating of transactions from history


CT Logistics most popular and most used Web Tool is our Web Resolution module

CT's Web Resolution module saves clients and carriers time, increases visibility with vendors and resolves issues much faster. 
CT's 24/7 access, web resolution module allows communication and intervention with carriers. It is an intuitive web-based application that stores client and carrier contacts. During the audit process when it’s determined that an invoice needs to be looked at by either a remote employee or by your carrier, it is either sent automatically or by the processor to a web resolution queue. CT's FreitRater® software auto-emails the recipient once a day letting them know that they have invoices to resolve and a link to the appropriate URL. The user’s reply in Web Resolution gets stamped to the system’s audit trail along with their User ID, and date.

  • E-mail notification of errors to carriers, hyperlink to resolution screen.
  • Error Resolutions: Notification upon login to system, prompt on how to correct errors
  • Payment Inquiry - for payment history for carriers and shippers
  • Error Table - List of errors, description and comment area for action