Company History

Est 1923The Commercial Traffic Company

The Commercial Traffic Company was founded in 1923 by  

H. R. Snyder (our first president)  
W. A. Aichele  
C. C. Kalbrunner  
V. C. Borrows and  
H. W. Elsner.   

Located at 1020 Huron Rd. in downtown Cleveland until 1979.  

CT moved to Plaza Drive in October of 1979. Jack Miner (President from 1980 to 1998) and Joe Feeley (President 1948 to 1980) are pictured below on the first day of ground breaking at Plaza Drive in 1978.   

Allan J. Miner, our current President since 1998, has maintained his father’s legacy as an innovator in the 3rd party logistics field with the help of dedicated and hard working associates.

1978 Groundbreaking on Plaza Dr.
1978 Groundbreaking on Plaza Dr.


1985 building expansion
1985 Building Expansion


1984 group employee photo
1984 Company Photo

CT Logistics: A Brief Historical Timeline

  • 1923   Commercial Traffic begins business in Cleveland, Ohio by five founding partners to audit freight bills
  • 1948   Joseph Feeley becomes President
  • 1965   Jack H. Miner becomes Vice President
  • 1978   Ground Breaking on Plaza Drive
  • 1979   CT moves to present company owned facilities in Parma, Ohio
  • 1980   Jack H. Miner becomes President
  • 1981   CTMSI (Freight Brokerage) formed to service transportation needs of CT clients
  • 1984   Allan J. Miner becomes Vice President
  • 1985   Building expansion occurs doubling the size of our facilities
  • 1986   First version of FreitRater designed/written by Dale Lunar, Executive Director of IT installed at CT
  • 1987   CT purchases adjacent property next to building
  • 1990   CTS (Software division) formed to license and sell FreitRater software
  • 1991   First sale of FreitRater package by CTS occurs
  • 1994   CT purchases building at 12423 Plaza Drive next to property creating a united campus for all associates
  • 1997   Installation of FreitRater Client/Server
  • 1998   Jack H. Miner becomes CEO, Allan J. Miner becomes President
  • 1999   CT becomes ISO certified
  • 2001   Imaging and Web resolution for FreitRater goes online
  • 2003   FreitWeb, least cost rating, launched
  • 2005   Online freight bill entry available for clients
  • 2006   CT becomes SOC certified
  • 2007   CT opens CTGF, our United Kingdom office
  • 2010   CTMSI acquires RW Delivery
  • 2011   CT loses its leader of 50 yrs. with Jack Miner’s passing
  • 2013   CT Lion is released as the industry's most comprehensive shipping software
  • 2014   CT Web Resolution new client user interface launched
  • 2015   A refreshed website goes live
  • 2015   CT opens new office in Vinnitsa, Ukraine
  • 2016   FreitRater .NET Version 4.5.3 launched
  • 2016   CT opens new office in Manilla, Philippines
  • 2017   CT loses its matriarch of 50+ yrs. with Pearl Miner’s passing
  • 2018   FreitWeb LCR 2018 client rating and routing application goes live
  • 2018   An updated, Web Resolution and WebTools is rolled out
  • 2019   QLIK Analytics rolled out: graphical & interactive Business Intelligence
  • 2020   FreitRater 3.1 is released
  • 2021   CT recognized for 35 years as a 3PL with TIA

2023   Our 100th Anniversary

Throughout our history, The Commercial Traffic Company has serviced its clients with personalized audit and payment of their freight bills. Today's services include AuditPay® (Pre and Post Audit), TranSaver®, FreitRater®, CTLion® and many other third party logistics services tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. Using the resources of FreitRater®, CT's proprietary freight rating and pricing software, CT offers freight bill pre-audit and post-audit services, timely payment, and customized management information to industrial shippers and receivers of freight. CT audits millions of freight bills for thousands of clients annually. In addition, CT Logistics' FreitRater® software can be purchased or used as a SaaS or BPaaS application for carriers and shippers.

99th Anniversary CT Logistics