Commercial Transportation Services

Commercial Transportation Services (CTS) software products provide freight payment software, freight rating software, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting. Development of our products is backed with freight rate management expertise since 1923.

The key feature of our main product, FreitRater®, is the ability to process highly complex rating structures quickly and accurately. Designed to run as a stand-alone application or interfaced with existing applications, FreitRater® is an excellent enterprise class solution.

Also available are Integration Services for software products and Rate Maintenance services and support.


CTS Products


CTS Support

  • Help Desk Phone:
    CTS provides support to FreitRater® clients through a fully staffed and experienced Help Desk. Clients can get timely responses to problems or questions along with an understanding of freight requirements.
  • Help Desk Web Portal:
    The CTS Web Portal is is a fully interactive and trackable service from CTS for any questions or issues clients may have.  There is also a historical log for client's to reference any past tickets and resolution responses from CTS.
  • Training:
    Outside training sessions for our clients' staff is available. Training can be customized to meet your needs, with sessions held at CT Logistics or at your facility.
  • Databases:
    For freight rating solutions only, FreitRater® runs on industry standard Microsoft™ SQL server; or freight rating, auditing, and payment solutions FreitRater® runs the UniVerse© database from IBM™. This relational database offers non-first normal form extension, meaning it can contain nested tables. CTS provides full support for all IBM™ UniVerse© as part of our product offerings.