CT FastPay

Instantly remove any credit terms that you have with your shippers.

CT has developed an easy supply Chain Finance Solution; no longer do your payments have to be defined by your client's payment terms.

paper airplaneWith CT FastPay we pay you 24 hours after your billing is ready for payment.

If your shippers insist on terms that give them 30, 60, or more days to pay you, then you need CT FastPay. We will pay you immediately after your bill is ready for payment and we will wait for the shipper to pay us. This way, you get your money right away.

Of course, in order to provide this advance of funds, there is a fee associated with CT FastPay. But you will be surprised how inexpensive it is to get your billing into the black.

CT FastPay requires less than 3 days for initialization and you can cancel at anytime with 24 hours' notice.  This gives you the option to utilize FastPay for a few weeks or only on an occasional basis when you need it.

Never wait to get paid again

If you have any questions or if you are interested and want more information, please email fastpay@ctlogistics.com


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