PRONTO: Process Right ON Time Once


The management of CT Logistics is committed to providing a superior service, delivered in a timely manner, incorporating our quality service program of PRONTO.

CT's ISO department performs periodic audits on to ensure that all ISO business rules, work instructions, policies and procedures are in place and that every CT Team is in compliance with our ISO quality policy of PRONTO - Process Right ON Time Once.


CT Logistics' policy of PRONTO, is supported by our ISO Quality objective of:

  • Reduce Cycle Time

To ensure that this objective is met, CT Logistics measures all employees by their daily statistics on quality and quantity. ISO corrective actions are available to review to show how internal quality metrics are used to provide constructive feedback to all employees whose metrics need to be reviewed, so that they can be improved to ensure that the processes are being adhered to and that the client’s business needs are being met according to CT Logistics' standards.