Carol Calta

Carol Calta
Strategic Manager

Carol has been with CT Logistics since 1988 and has been involved with various departments across the CT Logistics family of operating companies since then.

Prior to accepting her current role in 2004 as a Strategic Manager, she had worked in, chaired projects for and been a pivotal resource in the development and eventual growth of multiple corporate initiatives. These include but were not limited to service areas in Post-Audit, Pre-Audit, TranSaver®, International processing and our software company CTS. Her current role focuses her skill-set on reviewing and maintaining standards for daily operations in our services bureau, maintaining testing procedures for all application testing and software company and focusing on proper implementation practices for new customer on-boarding.

Carol was recently recognized for her accomplishments with Service of Excellence in 2016 and Employee of the Year in 2017.

Carol enjoys helping others and volunteering; working with homeless and is also mentoring for the younger kids.