AuditPay® Freight Bill Audit and Payment Solution

AuditPay® is a Freight Bill Audit and Payment Solution

CT Logistics' AuditPay® will ensure each of your shipments are audited and accurately paid

CT Logistics AuditPay® will provide you with:

  • A Complete Outsourced Solution: Customized client specific freight bill audit and payment performed with CT's FreitRater® software and monitored by CT's auditing experts.  
  • CT WebTools: Cutting-edge web tools that allow secure internet access to current and historical freight bill audit and payment data, resolution, reporting, processing data and image retrieval.  Generate your own customized reports: Audit savings reports and management reports to fit your needs. Choose from standard reports, or produce ad hoc reports from our proprietary FreitRater®/PC report generator.  
  • Real-Time, 24/7, Freight Payment Inquiry: Check the in-house status of your freight bill audit and payment. Inquiries are listed by check or B/L number.


Freight bill audit and payment can transform your logistics management and back-office operations while having a direct effect on your bottom line.

Freight bills, domestic or international, can be complex with a range of diverse parameters:

  • International Currency exchange rates
  • Fuel surcharges
  • War Risk adjustments
  • Security Fees
  • International Measurement Units
  • INCO Terms
  • Varying Cube / Dimensional factors
  • Port Congestion Fees
  • Local Taxes
  • Overseas Demurrage / Detention
  • Varying rating structures
  • Export/Import Licensing


Outsourcing your Freight Bill Audit and Payment will uncover:

  • Rating Errors
  • Duplicate Billings
  • Duplicate Shipments
  • Additional Line Items
  • Duplicate Supplementary Items
  • Invoices for shipments not shipped/executed
  • Unapproved Demurrage / Detention
  • Currency Uplifting

Typically, clients save approximately 4% to 10% of their annual transportation and logistics expenditure.


Outsourced freight bill audit and payment benefits also include:

  • Electronic billing receipt and carrier payment in all Worldwide / International currencies
  • Online facility for carrier payment inquiries
  • Customized technology, reporting and processes


CT Logistics’ FreitRater® software system with, OCR transaction technology, processes, rates, validates and pays all freight invoices.