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Freight Payment
Pre Audit: Freight Audit and Freight Payment

With AuditPay®, our team of account professionals works closely with you, using your freight invoices and bills of lading, while incorporating your company's specific requirements to ensure proper audit processing and freight payment

The service delivers management information for effective cost containment and planning, as well as real-time client service. And when paired with the resources of FreitRater®, AuditPay® can provide your company with an average ROI of more than 10 times your service fees.

Controlling costs is critical

Pre Auditing of freight bills and outsourcing Freight Payment can significantly result in immediate savings. Our solution is easy to use and includes web-based software and analytics to provide you with any-time results and reporting.  

Freight bill auditing and freight payment with AuditPay® is:

  • Accurate  
    AuditPay® analyzes freight bills for appropriate product classification and rate calculation  
  • Flexible  
    Calculates the accuracy of your invoices based on bureau carrier rates or any combination of negotiated or contract rates established between you and your carriers  
  • Web - Based  
    Incorporates cutting-edge WebTools that allow secure internet access to data, resolution, reporting, processing data and historical image retrieval  
  • Global  
    All regions of the world, multi-lingual translation of invoices in multiple currencies  
  • Regulated  
    CT Logistics is an ISO 9001:2015 company - The international standards program that mediates written business rules and methods for each client's requirements and compliance.  We are also SOC II compliant for financial security of your funds  
  • Actionable  
    Business analytics, graphical dashboards and KPI's designed to promote awareness and drive cost-saving initiatives

Pre Audit freight bill auditing provides:

  • Cost Savings  
    This auditing and billing service eliminates the need for extensive, often inaccurate, internal accounts payable processing, as well as the associated overhead  
  • Improved Carrier Relations  
    Helps maintain relations with carriers by issuing them checks in a timely fashion. The remittance statement that accompanies all your payments itemizes each invoice number and shows proper tariff or contract authority for all reductions in payment


Web-Based Pre Audit Solutions

CT Logistics provides you with a portfolio of online pre-audit WebTools that complement, enhance and expand our freight payment services. These web-based tools are continuously updated and available 24/7 online.

Find out how AuditPay® our pre audit freight bill auditing and freight payment services - and your CT Logistics Team - can eliminate all freight bill processing issues.

Freight Payment